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What do I need to bring?

We do provide sheets, towels and blankets. 

We also provide cleaning supplies, including dish soap, trash bags, laundry detergent, toilet paper and general cleaning supplies.  Remember, it is your responsibility to leave the house in the same, or better, condition then you found it. 

Can I rent a boat on Pine River Pond?

Sorry.  Pine River Pond has no public access or marina, so there are no boat rentals on the lake.  However, we do rent our 14' aluminum skiff that has a 15hp mercury outboard on it.  It's a great boat for exploring the lake and doing a little fishing.

Can I launch a boat from your property?

As members of the Pine River Pond Association, we have access to the PRA boat ramp located off Lord Road in East Wakefield.

What if something breaks or there are problems?

Please, if you find something broken, or accidently break something, please let us know so we can get if repaired and fixed for the next renter.  Call Tom Daniels at 978-880-8055

How do I get there?

Some GPS units will take you on roads that don't connect.  For detailed directions, you can click here Lake Directions.doc.

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