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Looking to kick-back, relax and enjoy.  Then this is the place for you.  Pine River Pond! 

Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, Pine River Pond will take you back to the days when life was simpler, and where kids (and adults) could just be themselves.  To learn more about this beautiful, crystal clear lake, visit http://www.pineriverpond.org/.  Pine River Pond offers tons of fun.  Because there is no public access to the lake, you'll find it less crowded then other surronding lakes.  So, whether you are going fishing in the morning, taking the kids tubing or water skiing, awaiting your turn to jump off the lakes "rope swing" or watching the boats gather at the sand bar (a.k.a The Redneck Yacht Club) there is plenty to do, or nothing to do, all depending on what vacations are all about for you.

Pinewood Shores - #496 - "The Lake House"


After spending two years looking for the "perfect" lake house.  Tom and Shelly Daniels came across this "diamond in the rough".  The home, largely unused for over a decade, had been left with the only running water in the house going to a single toilet and electricity connected right through the middle of the roof and into the kitchen.  Throw in some dead animals, and over 40 cubic yards of debris and you can understand why Shelly initially nicknamed the property "the scary house".  But, the house had a few things rare for any lakefront property:  a sandy beach, weed and rock free swimming, a gently sloping 100 foot walk to the water, and a view of the mountains that you never grow tired of.  After Tom convinced Shelly of what could be, he took up a five-year renovation project along with family and friends, that concluded in 2006 with the construction of the custom table and bench in the kitchen.  It is with great pleasure that with the renovation concluded, we can open our house up to guests that will learn to appreciate the beauty of the area and the simplicity of lake living.  For details on 496 Pinewood Shores, click here. 



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